12 March 2013

The truth is it has been a long time since the glorious 24 hours of non-stop music television.

Music channels are cluttered with shows like 16 and Pregnant and the eloquently titled I Just Want My Pants Back (MTVUK) and the relics of this fondly remembered era are exhibited in the ubiquitous platform of…the internet.

Freed from the restrictions of television, the music video is currently enjoying a resurgence in the internet - and transforming itself from a television art form into an internet art form: Amateur style, interactive clips and 3D are the latest trends. What will be next?

FACT's exhibition The Art of Pop Video between 14 March and 26 May will explore the iconic videos from the hay day of music television but will also look to the future.

Featuring the band OK Go with their expertly choreographed viral internet music videos and Wanderlust, the 3D video by Björk, The Art of Pop Video explores the internet art form and new uses of media. Pieces from acclaimed film director Spike Jonze celebrate an amateur style while Ely Kim's Boombox 100 demonstrates the true amateur power of the internet as he turns himself into an internationally observed phenomenon.

The future may be held with the viewer's personalisation of the video. Chris Milk has developed this concept in collaboration with Google Street View and the latest HTML 5 technology to transport the viewer through the place where they were born with images of their hometown to the song We Used To Wait by Arcade Fire.

This interactive music video may well be part of the future - Video may well have Killed the Radio Star but perhaps internet video has left MTV to fester and spoil and is paving the way for future creative artists.

What do you think is the future of music video? Add your comments below.