14 February 2013

The man behind cult 'best worst movie ever', director-actor-writer-producer Tommy Wiseau, and his co-star Greg "oh, hi Mark" Sestero spent so long meeting and greeting fans that a second screening of The Room was delayed by an hour last night.

The duo played American football in the FACT bar before a signing, Q&A sessions, posing for plenty of pictures and then two screenings of the 2003 film, widely derided on its artistic merits but always a sellout here at Picturehouse, where you could even buy the movie's dubious signature drink 'skotchka' - yes, literally scotch and vodka. They were so in demand that the film couldn't start until they'd met their last devoted fan. 

The visit of Wiseau and Sestero was their only stop in the UK outside London on their 'Love is Blind' world tour, and they billed the show as an anti-Valentines event. After all, anyone who knows anything about The Room knows that love can tear you apart (for similar wisdom, watch the trailer to the right).

By all accounts the atmosphere was great and our special guests loved Liverpool, FACT and the warm reception they received. They signed our pillar in the foyer, with Wiseau carelessly scribbling over the signature of Terence Davies, an accidental marriage of high and low art indeed. Where else but FACT?