1 February 2013

Edwin van der Heide's Evolving Spark Network in Gallery 1, Alexandre Burton's Impacts in Gallery 2, and Bosch & Simons's Wilberforces in the Atrium have all captured the imaginations of the public and press alike.

"Miss it at your peril," said The Double Negative, while Seven Streets said Evolving Spark Network was "the best son et lumiere this side of the pyramids".

Creative Tourist said Winter Sparks "evokes memories and emotions in a way that only good art can".

On Twitter, people have been using the hashtag #wintersparks to tell followers about their experience.

 "An inspired follow up to ZEE and Nam June Paik exhibitions. Go see it," said @jen_allanson, with @Rebeccakeegan adding that: "The #WinterSparks exhibition at @FACT_Liverpool is sensational make sure to see it. Free & runs until Feb."

"The Winter Sparks exhibition @FACT_Liverpool was fascinating. Loved the sparks and the Tesla coils," said @daviddclay, while @VictoriaElisia had some words of wisdom for all: "Everyone should go and see the Winter Sparks exhibition at @FACT_Liverpool DO IT DO IT NOWWWWW!!"

You can see an image gallery of the exhibition plus a trailer and interviews with the artists in the Related Media section of this page. 

Winter Sparks is open to the public every day and runs until February 23. Come and see for yourself!