15 February 2013

The Die Hard Franchise is a series of action films which kicked off with the original Die Hard in 1988. Each film is centred on the character John McClane (Bruce Willis), a New York City Police officer who ends up fighting a group of terrorists in each film.

In the newest film A Good Day to Die Hard, McClane travel to Russia where he finds his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney) had been arrested and has escaped. John finds himself caught up with his son in conflict involving a terrorist plot and the two characters pair together and form a father son team.

The addition of John's son surely will add a new twist on the action packed film series and according to Worst Previews, they suggest it was all Bruce Willis's idea, with director John Moore saying, "This was a story that Bruce pitched to us," "He said, 'I think in this Die Hard it will be good to go find my son.'"

Willis is well-known for his portrayal of John McClane but has also starred in over 60 box office films including Pulp Fiction (screening at FACT on 25 February), Sixth Sense and Armageddon. Willis was able to make some big decisions on the newest film, as he is one of the executive producers (he's also the only cast member and crew member to work in all five Die Hard films).

After long talks, they decided that Irish director John Moore would direct the new Die Hard film. He has made four films to date including The Omen and Max Payne but he is looked upon highly and has been considered for many films.

Bruce Willis has expressed a desire to shoot a sixth instalment in the franchise before retiring the character.

Although it has received a mixed reception, the new film is expected to top this weekend's US box office and has been described as "action-packed" and "entertaining". 

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Yippie kay yay mother FACTors!