22 February 2013

Artist Sander Veenhof's Human Conference Sensors  will receive its first public showcase as part of our Hacky Birthday. It is an invention which uses the audience's interest levels to encourage responsiveness and attention in a conference setting. The 'sensors' will consist in heart rate sensors that will monitor wearers heart rate activity to generate a live feed of virtual objects that will instantly appear on a monitor next to the presenter. Audience members can also access the augments through their own mobile phones. The augments will surprise, entice and stimulate and will be instigated by a loss of attention on behalf of the testers.

Human Conference Sensorswill take place in the bar area of FACT and will run for 20 minutes. There will be 2 sessions starting at 2pm and 4pm. Audience places are limited to 16 people for each session, if you are interested in being part of the audience please email Clara Casian at clara.casian@fact.co.uk

Sander Veenhof is part of the Manifest.AR artist collective commissioned by ArtSENSE to develop a series of works using biosensing and augmented reality technology to culminate in an exhibition at FACT in the summer of 2013. This work is supported by the Liverpool John Moores University School of Natural Sciences, Department of Physiological Computing and in particular Professor Stephen Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade.