21 February 2013

An giant hacked bouncy castle and a selection of tech inspired Crazy Golf holes will be popping up on the ground floor of FACT this weekend to help us celebrate our tenth birthday.

Fairground Frameworks is an initiative from SoundNetwork, inspired by the physical fun of the fair. They've worked with artist Simon Jones to fill a bouncy castle with low frequency bass feedback that responds to people bouncing or lying on the castle as you can see in the video on the right of this page. They are using an Xbox Kinect to generate visualisations that will be projected live onto the cinema screen in The Box where the Bouncy Castle will be located. These visuals have been created by Richard England of Amorphous Orchestra and artist Dave Lynch.

Over the past year they've worked with Liverpool Art Prize nominee Kevin Hunt, MadLabUK (who will also be running a robot making workshop at Hacky Birthday) and Ross Dalziel to build a crazy golf course for Liverpool Biennial and for Hacky Birthday they will be showing 2 new golf holes for FACT inspired by Mario64golf and Lego Technic.

The afternoon features the reprise of the DS Orchestra's legendary live chiptune performance. A group of pupils from Holy Cross Catholic Primary School have been working with Ross Dalziel to compose and play a piece of music using Pixelh8's Master Stroke DS 8bit synthesis engine. It will receive its world premiere at Hacky Birthday at 2:30pm in the Foyer.

For more information check out the Sound Network Website and the Hacky Birthday project page.