25 February 2013

Daa Birnbaum was born in 1945, in New York. She uses video, televisual imagery, texts and music in her work that reconstructs traditional or stereotypical TV shows such as quizzes, soap operas, and sports programmes

Her most famous work to date is the 1979 video art piece Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman. She manipulates, distorts and repeats scenes of Wonder Woman transforming, fighting crime and rescuing hostages along with fire, explosions and the TV show credits. 

She is internationally recognised as one of the first artists to use material from TV to subvert and question the form. Her work has been exhibited around the world and is held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the National Museum of Canada.

Her work is 'influential and innovative' and she uses both ' low-end and high-end video technology to subvert the power of mass media images and gestures to define mythologies of culture, history and memory'.  Her Random Acts film Kojak/Wang recently screened at the Glasgow Film Festival and will be shown on Channel 4 tonight (February 25) at 11:50.

Working with Jacqui Davies, FACT has co-comissioned and curated 25 Random Acts films for Channel 4 from artists including Marina Abramovic, Richard Billingham, Mark Leckey and Minerva Cuevas. For more information, visit the Random Acts project page.