7 February 2013

In the preview night video, Axisweb asked prominent guests to choose their favourite work or artist at the fair. This gives us not only the chance to see these works but to hear a fascinating insight into associations and understanding. The way Trevor Kiernander links the multicoloured line over monochrome penguin drawings in Ian Conczarow's Ride 'em to notions of motion, animation, cinema and pop culture offers a nice perspective on the painting as a nod to the recent history of visual media while Franck Diafouka makes and interesting comment on the astonishing reality of the non-existent in Suzanne Moxhanne's work.

A video of gallery interviews offers first-hand overviews of the projects, exhibitions and work of some of the galleries exhiibiting at the London Art Fair, described by the representatives of the galleries. It is interesting to hear about the very different ways these galleries operate and, again, to see some of the artworks. Most memorable from these clips must be the cluster of teeth featuring in Cheryl Field's work for the Bearspace project We Are Building Something Better Than You - which actually looks like a sea creature or a flower until the presence of teeth is pointed out…

There is so much to discover in these two wonderful insights to London Art Fair (19th century paintings inflected with space technology would only be a start…) so take a look either in the Related Media section on this page, or by visiting the Axisweb channel on artplayer.tv

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