28 February 2013

I applied for the BFI Film Academy course (for 16-19 year olds) at FACT that was suggested to me by my college and immediately thought it sounded great! I applied for the seven week course and was thrilled with my acceptance! The course has been absolutely fantastic! Everybody I worked with had similar interests and ideas and so I never felt worried to share a comment of my own in the sessions. We worked with professional filmmakers, in detailed yet relaxed lectures and practical sessions where we did a number of creative things to inspire us and which made the session's flow unfortunately fast. 

Each session was different. Some lessons looked at the behind the scenes of a film and the problems that filmmakers most commonly run into. These included learning the importance of an assistant director, to simply making sure your cast and crew are well looked after. We went and took photographs in groups to inspire ideas for films. Then, I got the chance to work with completely new people on a short film idea. This really gave me an insight into what being a filmmaker would be like, as these situations in which you must be able to work with anyone at any time can arrive out of the blue, and it offered me great first hand experience.

This knowledge was then put to the test as we all took up our on roles in making short films to have a taste for the work involved. I was very surprised by how much work and team involvement goes into filming! I learned it is absolutely crucial that everyone does their part, and even the smallest jobs are vital. I really enjoyed filming in and around the FACT building, using the technical equipment for real and having the ability to produce a film and see what it is like. I thought it was an amazing and very 'hands-on' with experience.

On top of this unique experience, we also had some film history lectures in which we learned about topics such as the work of Hitchcock and the New Wave films that opened up the world's eyes to a new kind of film. These lessons were very informative and allowed me to experience what a university lecture would be like in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of the group. I found this very helpful and it has prepared me for my future dreams of going to university. Another amazing opportunity that this course offered was the chance to attend master classes on film distribution and editing which developed my knowledge, and made me want to know more about the world of film and helped me establish where my interests lie.

During the time I spent at FACT's BFI Film Academy, I decided my future aspirations were as a filmmaker or editor due to the amount I looked forward to each session and how much I enjoyed the classes. My hopes for the future are to get a degree in film making and go on to direct or write my own short films, and maybe even begin my own film production studio!