31 January 2013

The film-making duo of Director and Writer, Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal reunite for Zero Dark Thirty, the story of the global man-hunt for Osama Bin Laden. The film focuses on Maya, a CIA 'single-tasker', who has dedicated her career to finding Osama Bin Laden and over a period of 10 years she orchestrated 'history's greatest manhunt for the world's most dangerous man'.

Bigelow and Boal were just about to begin shooting a movie about 'The Battle for Tora Bora' when Bin Laden was killed in raid on his compound in the small Pakistan town of Abbottabad. They immediately changed their focus and started again from scratch on the movie that became Zero Dark Thirty. Kathryn Bigelow said in an interview with American magazine Entertainment Weekly "The years I had spent talking to military and intelligence operators involved in counter-terrorism was helpful in both projects. Some of the sourcing I had developed long, long ago continued to be helpful for this version'

The story of the film was pieced together from interviews and first hand testimony from CIA and military veterans involved in the man-hunt conducted by screen writer Mark Boal. Even with the film's conclusion already widely known, the finale of the film 'unfolds so grippingly you can't quite believe you already know what happen'

The film chronicles one of the defining events of recent times and has been praised as 'mesmerizing', 'impressive', and 'an instant classic'. Tickets are on sale now from the box office, by phone on 08719025737 or online.