28 January 2013

Throughout February and March, Picturehouse at FACT are hosting a Quentin Tarantino season following Tarantino's career from Reservoir Dogs, through to his 2013 Spaghetti Western, Django Unchained.

After moving to Los Angeles, Tarantino began performing and acting at an early age, dropping out of school at 15 to pursue his dream of acting. Lasting just two years at the James Best Theatre Company, he quit school completely and began working in a video rental store where his love of movies began to develop. He has often said how this period affected his directing career and he is quoted as saying, "When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'no, I went to films'".

1987's Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino's first film, premiered at the Sundance Festival to instant and universal critical acclaim. The movie follows the planning and aftermath of a diamond heist and features an ensemble cast including Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Quentin Tarantino himself. The film screens on Monday 18 February at 8.30pm.

On Monday 25 February, we're showing the academy award winning Pulp Fiction. Marking Tarantino's first collaboration with Uma Thurman, who he has described as his "muse", Pulp Fiction follows a variety of mobsters, criminals, thieves, and a mysterious briefcase. The movie is credited as starting a "guys-with-guns frenzy" that inspired countless movies throughout the 1990's.

Jackie Brown, is Tarantino's homage to the Blaxploitation movies of the 70s and stars one of its leading ladies, Pam Grier. As a low paid flight attendant on a small Mexican airline, Jackie Brown decides to begin smuggling money for Ordell Robbie (played by frequent collaborator Samuel L.Jackson), a black market gunrunner. The film is showing at 8.30pm on Monday March 4.

A unique double bill of Part's 1 and 2 of the Kill Bill series is showing on Monday 11 March. Inspired by Hong Kong martial arts movies, Japanese Chanbara films and Spaghetti Westerns, Kill Bill was originally intended to be released as one film but it was decided that its four hour run time meant that it should be split in two. "The Bride" (Uma Thurman) is a former member of an assassination squad who vows revenge against her ex-colleagues after they massacre members of her wedding party and threaten her life.

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have frequently collaborated on projects right back to the 90s Four Rooms. The Grindhouse project is their take on 1970s slasher horror films with each director making their own movie, Tarantino's Death Proof (which you might remember Tarantino discussing at FACT in 2007) and Rodriguez's Planet Terror. Death Proof is the story of a psychotic stuntman who kills people with his 'death proof' stunt car.

Reimagining the story of the Second World War, Tarantino created a group of Nazi Hunters called 'The Basterds' who plan to assassinate Hitler and win the war for the allies. Inglorious Basterds is Tarantino's highest grossing film to date and one that Empire Magazine described as a ' dazzling movie that sees QT back on exhilarating form.' The film is showing on Monday 25 March at 8.30pm.

The final film of our Tarantino season is Django Unchained. Starring Jamie Foxx as freed slave Django, Tarantino's newest movie is as critically acclaimed, controversial and blood splattered as some of his classic cinema.

Tickets for all the films in the season are available online, from the Box Office and by phone on 08719025737.