29 January 2013

For FACT's next exhibition The Art of Pop Video, Freehand have been invited to make the FACT Connects Space (in the Atrium) their own. Our lovely Freehanders are working with local design studio Well Made and have already had the chance to meet with Joe Bramall from their team to discuss their weird and wonderful pop-related ideas.
To start the ball rolling, Joe presented Pop culture through the decades, starting with the 50s and the birth of the teenager and finishing at the celebrity DJs that have come about in the last 10 years. Inspired by this and all of the music memorabilia the group were asked to bring with them, they got to work on creating mood boards based on different music eras.

Amidst their eclectic YouTube playlist, there was a hum of excitement about Pop icons; images of Madonna in the 80s, Gaga in the noughties and Take That from the 90s were being pasted to their boards and ideas were already starting to form.
At the second session - with the help of Joe and some post-it notes - the Freehanders looked at the activities they had come up with and decided which ones they really loved or didn't like so much. Armed with a plan of the space and the ideas they had whittled down, the group started sketching where the activities were going, what they were going to need and how the space was going to be decorated. There was a lot of talk about dance mats, dance floors and karaoke booths, which was getting everyone excited…
Over the next five weeks, the Freehanders will continue to hone their design skills with Well Made and using the best ideas will be turning the FACT Connects Space into a Pop-themed hub of interactive fun and games.
Freehand's Art of Pop Connect Space will be open in March. Click here to see the latest information about The Art of Pop Video, the first exhibition of its kind in the UK which opens at FACT on 14 March.