27 November 2012

Author Lesley Taker

Dutch artist, researcher, musician and lecturer, Edwin van der Heide's installations rely on interaction and composition, often playing with light, electricity and sound to make the viewer aware of the space around them.

Van der Heide creates performances and environments which react to external forces and presence and which immerse the viewer in their apparent simplicity. For FACT's Winter Sparks exhibition, Van der Heide will be installing his Evolving Spark Network, the piece which inspired the show's name and which is symbolic of the themes running throughout the pieces and accompanying public programme.

Evolving Spark Network seeks to mimic the human nervous system by joining electrical sparks in a complex network of connections. The network will cover the entirety of Gallery 1, hanging from the ceiling, flashes of phosphorescence and bursts of sound appearing and extinguishing in an open, dark space.

Van der Heide's productions seek to move composition and musical language into spatial, interactive, interdisciplinary directions, resulting in effective, immersive installations and live performances.

He has shown various versions of his Laser Sound Performances at prevalent international science, art and music festivals such as Ars Electronica Festival, Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), V2_, and like Alexandre Burton, the incredibly popular SONAR in Barcelona.

Not only will the Evolving Spark Network be a major part of Winter Sparks, but Edwin will also be joining us on the opening evening of Winter Sparks (13 December, 6pm - 8pm) to deliver a live performance in The Box.

It is impossible to accurately describe the performative elements of Van der Heide's work, as they have to be experienced, but the artist has an amazing reputation for putting on breath-taking displays in his live demonstrations. This will be a one-off, limited capacity event, so we recommend you get down early!