8 November 2012

The strand of three-minute films co-curated and co-commissioned by FACT and Jacqui Davies in association with Arts Council England for Channel 4's Random Acts has been selected for the Rome Film Festival, which begins tomorrow (November 9).

They include work by artists including Marina Abramovic, Johan Grimonprez, Palme d'Or winning director Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Turner Prize winners Mark Wallinger and Mark Leckey.

The films will be presented in two special programmes in the CinemaXXI section of the festival, that will focus on works that reflect the continuous reinvention of cinema in the contemporary audiovisual landscape.

The world's press are getting excited about James Franco's arrival in Rome. His new feature length film Tar will be shown and he is also to receive a special prize.

Even better for FACT, his Random Acts film Dream, alongside Lewis Klahr's The Moon Has Its Reasons and Some Part of Us Will Have Become by Semiconductor have been selected to screen in competition within Cinema XXI.

Another Random Acts commissionee, James Richards, was recently named as the winner of the Jarman Award 2012, one of the most prestigious prizes in British film. Shezad Dawood, also commissioned to make one of Random Acts films, was a runner up.

All of the artists involved in Random Acts have an interest in television as subject or context, and have made works that embody, expand or reflect on the medium, subverting and challenging its aesthetics and politics.

The strand is currently being broadcast on Channel 4, with all films available to view online once they have been shown on television.

The films were co-commissioned and co-curated by Jacqui Davies and FACT and produced by Jacqui Davies for Channel 4 in association with Arts Council England.