13 November 2012

Veterans in Practice is a digital veterans group who meet every week at FACT. We take part in various projects including photography, films, websites, local history, writing and poetry also weaving!!! Examples of which can be seen in the FACT building.

During a group discussion about future projects for the group the subject of animation emerged as a strong possibility. Having agreed on the medium after much further (and sometimes heated dialogue) statues of Liverpool City Centre became the story line.

Project leaders from FACT introduced a professional animator Anne Wilkins, and work on the animation commenced.

Members of the group photographed various statues in the city centre including the Liver Birds, Ken Dodd, Bessie Braddock, Queen Victoria, Eleanor Rigby and John Lennon. With a flash of inspiration we came up with the title Statues Taking Liberties. The content of the animation is the dialogue between the statues. Under the direction of Anne the animator the whole group was engaged in drawing and tracing figures, cutting out various cartoons and scripting the dialogue.

After much hard work by Anne, the end product was a quite short but very funny animation. You can watch it in the Related Media section of this page!

The group found the project very interesting and certainly different but with a sense of satisfaction at the completion of the animation.

See for yourself on our Facebook page and our new website!

The group will also be exhibiting their photography at FACT between 22 November - 9 December. Find out more here.