23 November 2012

Austrian auteur Michael Haneke returns with his Palme D'or winning 'unsettling close up on love' about an elderly musician who suffers a stroke and her husband attempting to care for her

Anne and her husband Georges are spending their retirement enjoying each other's company, reading and going to classical concerts. When she has a sudden and serious stroke over breakfast, their lives change and Georges must begin to care for his wife in a completely new way. Haneke handles the sensitive issue of aging and illness with restraint, compassion and calm and he describes the performances of his 81 and 85 year old leads as 'going beyond acting'.

The film was inspired by the death of a close relative and the director chose to shoot the movie in his parent's old apartment. The movie concerns 'the difficulty of managing the suffering of a loved one' and seems to be a subject that is incredibly important to Haneke.

Amour received its premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where it was the surprise winner of the biggest prize in the festival, the Palme d'Or. Accepting the prize, the star of the film Jean-Louis Trintignant described Michael Haneke as 'the greatest director working today'

Michael Haneke is known for his bold and uncompromising style, and he has spoken extensively about his work being a reaction against mainstream Hollywood cinema, 'My films are intended as polemical statements against the American 'barrel down' cinema'. He aims for his films to offer viewers space for imagination and self-reflection.

Amour opens at FACT on Friday 23 November and tickets are available from our Box Office, by phone on 08719025737 and online.