14 November 2012

Author Martin Wallace

Greetings from Wilmington, North Carolina!(I hadn't heard of it either, until recently.)
It's a city near the Atlantic coast on the Cape Fear river*.
I'm at the Cucalorus Film Festival and the atmosphere is great. But what's even greater for a big David Lynch fan like me is that this is the place where Blue Velvet was filmed. So I've been ogling the fire trucks, Dorothy Valens' apartment building (not from inside the wardrobe) and keeping an eye out for Frank.
But I digress - I've got news for you - I've viewed all the submissions for the next Liverpool Film Night on 29 November and I've made what I believe is a really strong selection, designed to give audiences a rollercoaster ride and plenty to discuss in the Q&A session which will immediately follow the screening.
Thank you to everyone who submitted this year, there are clearly a lot of talented and committed filmmakers in the region and it was a real pleasure to watch all the films submitted. Of course, in the end, there were only so many I could cram into time available. If yours didn't make it, don't worry about it; if it did, get ready to feel the butterflies - soon the cinema will be full and your film will begin...
I've gone for a broad and eclectic mix. There's music video, irreverent animation, experimental none-narrative, wry documentary, personal history, elegiac minimalism, crazy, noir comedy, dark, grizzly drama, playground romance, oddball vignette and a re-examination of eco-disaster. I did tell you it was eclectic.
The selected films are...

Albert Camus and the Fall by Adam Sadiq & Danielle Chin

Leonard by Ged Hunter

Love...hurts by Mike Forshaw

Mixed Media by Laura Lomax

Sambhavna by Joseph Malone

Scratch by Martin Henshell

Fame, Fish and Farting by Slawa Rusin

The Bananoir Case by Josh Mullins

The Boss by Glenn Hanstock

Transpotting by Luis Gastavo Santos

So, as Frank might say, (without the expletives) be a good neighbour and get down to FACT for Liverpool Film Night on Thursday 29 November!

*There are two great films called Cape Fear, check them out if you don't know them.
And by the way - the Cape Fear river joins the Atlantic ocean just south of Wilmington, at retirement town called Southport. What kind of film could David Lynch make in Southport UK?