20 November 2012

A man called Jake lives alone in the Scottish Highlands, in a ramshackle house with an old broken down caravan in the grounds. Two Years at Sea follows him as he completes his daily chores and journeys through the stunning Scottish scenery. He is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the time with strange projects, living the dream he had when he was young, a dream he spent two years working at sea to realise. Jake first appeared in Rivers' short film, This is My Land, and Two Years at Sea continues Jake's story and extends their relationship.

This 'quietly enigmatic, valuable work' highlights a truly unique individual who lives without human contact, surrounded by 'random objects and junk piled up in every room, drawer, and nook that can fit them.'

Ben River's work often considers people who have in some way separated themselves from society and escaped into a marginal or forgotten way of life. He shoots on 16mm film, that he develops by hand, which shows all the elements that it has been exposed to.

Rivers has exhibited around the world including a 2011 exhibition at A Foundation, A World of Rattled Habit. He has won awards including London Artists Film and Video Award 2007, Vauxhall Collective Commission 2008, Film London Artist's Moving Image Network production 2009, and was shortlisted for the Jarman Award in 2010.

The final film of the Liverpool Biennial 2012 season is a 'convincing depiction of the euphoric feeling of being immersed in an elemental environment.'

Ben Rivers will join us after the screening to discuss Two Years at Sea. Tickets are available from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 or online. Advance booking is recommended to avoid disappopintment.