12 October 2012

Scarily tight trousers!

Everyone's favourite 80s film, starring the one and only David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King. It's fair to say that this is probably the only film that features a blue haired talking worm, a dog/knight called Sir Didymus, talking door knockers and a grumpy dwarf called Hoggle. Directed by Jim Henson, Labyrinth is the perfect family friendly Halloween film.

The original Nightmare.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is the first appearance of one of cinema's most terrifying villains, Freddy Krueger. Burnt alive, Freddy is taking revenge on his killers from beyond the grave by murdering their children while they sleep.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Jack Torrance takes his family away for the winter to act as caretakers for an old, isolated and haunted hotel. Cut off from the outside world with the hotel's ghosts and spirits causing trouble, Jack decides he needs to 'correct' his family.

The Shining is an undisputed classic of modern horror with Martin Scorsese picking it as one of his top 11 scariest films ever!

The most purely horrifying horror movie ever made.

Five friends stumble on an abandoned old house when their car breaks down in the middle of a forest. What could possibly go wrong!

Tobe Hooper's low budget film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - the first ever 'frenzy' horror - spawned endless prequels and sequels and introduced the world to Leatherface. Wearing his mask made of human skin and carrying his trusty chainsaw, Leatherface has become one of the most iconic and disturbing villains in horror movie history.

Blood! Your precious blood!

Nosferatu, made in 1922, is a classic horror movie that has inspired and scared generations of filmmakers and audiences. The film's visual effects, innovative techniques and stand out performances make it a must see for every horror fan. The screening will feature a live, specially composed score by Minima. The band formed in 2006 and have performed their live horror movie scores around the world.

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