22 October 2012

Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Arts, Tabitha Jackson, is seeking to innovate, to provoke, to delight, and to creatively express what it is to be alive today. These are the values that she has championed since stepping into her role at Channel 4 earlier this year, with the intention of bringing the once vibrant and inspired institution back into the world of the cutting edge in arts content.

Channel 4's Random Acts programming strand expresses Tabitha's vision with great energy and clarity. An ongoing programme of newly commissioned three-minute shorts by contemporary artists, screening at (almost) random times on Channel 4 gives artists opportunities to intervene in mainstream television and offers audiences the chance to see something new.

"It's designed to be a bit disruptive and completely raw and I've specifically asked for it to be a late night slot so that the content isn't restrained - just to get away from that sense that arts television is often polite, conservative and boring to look at," Tabitha has explained in an interview for The Independent.

FACT have also been lucky enough to co-commission 25 of these short films (with Producer Jacqui Davies in association with Arts Council England) by artists including Richard Billingham, Zineb Sedira and Sarah Wood who will all be attending the forum this Friday.

Tabitha's attitude towards art content can be seen in Channel 4's online brief for producers, which encourages not just straight-forward art coverage, but reminds us that what we see on the screen can be the art. We are all looking forward to hearing what she has to say this week at FACT!

Tickets are £10 / £8 (FACT Members & concs), you can book yours online, by calling 0871 902 5737 or in person at the FACT Box Office.