25 October 2012

LUX have curated three programmes of artist film all looking at bad guests and the 2012 Biennial theme of hospitality. The diverse range of films include a fictional story about a half-constructed house occupied by squatters who are possibly also ghosts, a video diary by a Czech filmmaker living with his parents, and a shocking documentary portrait of tourists in Papua New Guinea. All the films feature people who are stretching hospitality to its absolute limit.

The three programmes, showing at 12, 3 and 6 this Saturday in The Box are a mixture of feature length and short films by artists from across the world including Emily Wardill, Marcin Koszałka, Dennis O'Rourke and Pablo Wendel.

Showing at 12pm, Full Firearms is Emily Wardill's latest feature film. Imelda inherits a fortune from her father, an arms manufacturer. She plans to build a house for the ghosts of everyone who was killed by the products of her fathers business. As the house is built, squatters who Imelda believes to be the ghosts move in. The film is based on the life of Sarah Winchester, who became convinced that spirits would kill her if construction ever stopped on her house. She used her husband's vast fortune to maintain round the clock building work in the house for almost 40 years. The 'Winchester Mystery House' has now become a tourist attraction with it's many staircases, corridors that lead nowhere and the references to the number 13

Bad Guests, Stalkers & Interlopers at 3pm in The Box features 5 short films including Joe Di Maggio 1, 2, 3, where artist Anne McGuire stalks and serenades the Baseball star as he walks around the docks. Rotterdam-Rostock by Dutch artist Erik van Lieshout follows a journey by bike through the Netherlands to Rostock in east Germany documenting the often uncomfortable encounters that take place along the way.

Cannibal Tours by Dennis O'Rourke shows the shocking relationship between a party of European and American tourists and villagers in the Sepik River area of Papua New Guinea. The tourists drive hard bargains for local handcrafted items, pay to watch formerly sacred and secretive ceremonies and take photos of the 'primitive' life of the villagers. Showing alongside Cannibal Tours, as part of Bad Tourists, at 6pm is The Mendi, which uses found footage from a 1970's travel documentary. This is combined with a voiceover giving a spurious account of a summer supposedly spent assisting the film makers.

Tickets for each programme are available online (Full Firearms, Bad Guests, Stalkers & Interlopers and Bad Tourists), by phone on 08719025737 or from the Box Office.