15 October 2012

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the continual onslaught of consumer-driven technology?

Taking Channel 4's Random Acts programming strand as a starting point, the forum at FACT on 26 October will open a discussion about the artist's evolving position in global broadcast and an increasingly networked world. We are looking forward to seeing Ronald's take on this through the series of interventions he will perform during the day.

Ronald's work explores the areas that exist between artist and audience and how this affects us and changes our experience. Comprising a range of visual art, installation, video, performance, audio and digital art, his creations are completely engrossing, often utilising a set of captivating characters in the presentation of his material.  Check out some of his work on Art Player.

In a large-scale work for the Castlefield Gallery in Manchester earlier this year, Ronald took over the gallery with three other artists, turning the space into a studio for cross-platform performance and broadcast. In a review for Creative Times, Kwong Lee likened the iKAST occupation of this gallery to the representation of "a future where the terrestrial broadcaster is dead and a group of artist provocateurs are the new content creators and distributors on the now omni pervasive global media network!" This work was part of the iKAST project, which was co-commissioned by FACT. Read the rest of Lee's review here.

Also the founder and director of K3 Media, a leading organisation in digital arts and media production and distribution, Ronald is at the forefront of innovation in arts practice and modes of broadcast.

Join us on 26 October to experience Ronald Fraser-Munroe live in performance, alongside other special guest speakers including Channel 4's Tabitha Jackson and artists Chip Lord and Marisa Olson. Tickets are only £10/£8 book yours here.