25 September 2012

The Wolf Knife follows a teenage girl and her best friend's escape from the humdrum claustrophobia of her life in Nashville to track down her father in Florida. Laurel Nakadate's film is a journey into adulthood showing the rapid loss of innocence on the girl's journey across America.

Nakadate has exhibited her film, video and photography across the world, at galleries such as New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Zabludowicz Collection in London and Spain's Central Atlantic Modern Museum. Her early video work saw her being invited into stranger's homes to pose, dance or even play dead!

Her work has been described as 'provactive and hilarious' and The Wolf Knife lives up to her fierce reputation. Starring two completely unknown actors, Christina Kolozsvary and Julie Potratz, the film is intimate, immediate and lurid.

Showing tonight at 6.30pm, The Wolf Knife is part of a double bill alongside Steve McQueen's multi-award winning Shame starring Michael Fassbender. Both films look at the loneliness, boredom and confusion that can prompt wreckless and life changing decisions.

Tickets for The Wolf Knife and Shame can be purchased online, in person at the Box Office or by calling 0871 902 5737

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