5 September 2012

A regular fixture in lists of the top foodie films of all time, Waitress is a charming comedy-drama that focuses on the healing power of preparing - and eating - food.

Jenna is an unhappily married and pregnant waitress in small town America who channels her struggles and emotions into baking unusual pies for her employer Joe's Diner. With brilliant names like 'I Hate My Husband Pie' (read the full list here), baking offers Jenna a chance to show off her talent and focuses her attention on a local pie baking contest where she hopes to win enough money to leave her abusive husband Earl.

Armed with a baby journal in which she begins to record her hopes and dreams and inspired by a burgeoning relationship with the attractive new Doctor in town, Jenna gradually grows in condidence and starts to plan her future.

The film was accepted into the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, though its premiere there was bittersweet because writer/director Shelly (who also plays Dawn in the film) was murdered less than three months before its debut and just before she was about to learn the film had been accepted into the festival.

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