17 September 2012

Despite the advent of online streaming and "movies on demand", the only way to really experience film is in a cinema.  The dream of seeing your own work on the big screen is the reason you first pick up a camera, and as a local filmmaker there is no prouder feeling than screening your latest film in your home town. It's also payback for the unsung heroes who supported the making of your film - cast, crew, parents, partners - to see the product of all their individual contributions in all its glory.
Watching your film with an audience is always nerve-wracking as you are putting something personal out there to be judged and dissected. Having watched your film a million times during post production, the screening is all about audience reaction: to see what works, what doesn't come across, and what kind of people are engaging with it.

I find it helps put a bit of distance between yourself and the film, so you can start to process its strengths and weaknesses more objectively, and it's always a nice feeling to hear people being complimentary about your work!

If you'd like to submit your film to Liverpool Film Night 2012, you'll find all the information you need here. We are also accepting submissions for this year's Young Liverpool Film Night (for 13-19 year olds)