11 September 2012

For this year's Liverpool Biennial, Anja and David's newly commissioned film installation, Ultimate Substance, will be on show at FACT. The film was produced in Greece, where the artists have recently moved. During this time, they have taken interest in Lavrio, a town at the centre of ancient Greek society and rumoured to be crucial to the first stock market crash to place in modern Greece. With Greece currently in the grip one of the longest and deepest most talked about recessions of the present day, Lavrio is facing unemployment rates of over 80% and the town's historic steel mills now lie dormant and abandoned. Ultimate Substance, considers the "slavery" instigated by our reliance on debt and its impact on modern democratic societies.

Panos and Kirschner's work combines film and music and has been seen across the world. Their previous installation, Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances, is a multi channel video work looking at the acting techniques developed by Salford Meisner. Meisner's techniques of feedback and endless repetition are designed to simulate "authentic" emotion and spontaneity - familiar to anyone who has ever trained as an actor or been to a drama class.

Polly II - Plan for a Revolution in Docklands
, Kirschner and Panos's 2008 film sees London Docklands deliberately flooded and taken over by gangs of dispossessed workers, political radicals, whores and pirates fighting against the 'agents' of high finance and property development. The film is staged as a 'learning play', which aims to highlight complexities of political and social transformation.

With their new commission Ultimate Substance the artists investigate history, geometry, cultures of exchange and finance.

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