28 September 2012

Often described as the last great film by master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds returns to the big screen at FACT this weekend.

Adapted very loosely from a Daphne du Maurier novel, it's the story of a posh and disruptive city woman visiting rustic seaside town Bodega Bay when it's attacked by a plague of murderous birds. They dive bomb the windows, peck at the doors and attack the residents of the sleepy little town. Partly inspired by thousands of previously unexplained bird suicides that took place in Northern California during the summer of 1961, The Birds is tense, terrifying, beautiful and bizarre.

The film stars Tippi Hedren in her first and most famous major film role. She was described as 'the bravest lady I've ever met' by Cary Grant after he visited the set and saw her facing days and days of attack by real seagulls and crows flung at her by members of the films prop department.

The Birds was Alfred Hitchcock's 49th film as director and one of his last as his health began to deteriorate. He reportedly became obsessed with Tippi Hedren during filming and began harassing her, keeping her under a strict contract which would not allow her to appear in anyone else's films and she has said that he ruined her career.

This 'genuinely disturbing thriller classic from the master of suspense'is showing from Sunday 30 September. Get your ticket online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.