5 September 2012

Author Joan Burnett

That Autumn tang is in the air at FACT. The strange 2012 summer has finally bedraggled itself to a halt and the Liverpool Pride film season is coming to an end but hey, we're going out on such a grand gesture with Leave It on the Floor!

If your only connection with the Vogue art form is through Madonna and her song of the same name, then you are in for an extraordinary awakening with this film. Vogue is a dance phenomenon that came up from the New York streets in the 1980's.  

Vogue is about style and attitude as much as dance, and it was often performed by people perceived as right out on the very edge of society - trans people and drag artists, young Latino and African American gay men - people who had to have enormous energy just to survive the mean streets of the time, never mind create such a vibrant culture.

Leave It on the Floor is a musical that tells the story of Brad, a young homeless man who is taken in by a Vogue 'House' and rises through the ranks of dancers. Like all musicals, it has high emotion, personal vendettas, big numbers and dance set pieces to make you drool.

Our evening at FACT is made even more special with a live introduction to the film from Liverpool's very own House of Suarez.  They will be dancing excerpts from their new work, ready for the Liverpool Vogue Ball Twisted Fairytales which take place in October, this year with a 'Twisted Fairytales' theme.

Cinema was never so VOGUE!

Liverpool Pride will be in the FACT Bar from 8pm on Thursday (September 6) to welcome you, and then the main events take place in Screen 3 from 8.30pm.