13 August 2012

Hi Jennifer, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I volunteer at the Walker Art Gallery and two of my great passions are music and architecture. I adore the Liverpool Biennial, and think that FACT keeps that festival buzz going all year round.

What do you enjoy most about FACT?

The creative energy and cross-section of ages that co-exist happily in the building. FACT is life enhancing; you leave with more energy than you came with, and it's great we have it here in Liverpool as FACT is known around the world.

Why did you decide to donate to FACT Fifty?

I find it satisfying to support a team of committed, creative young arts people who do not exist in an arty isolation but who work hard to engage and involve local people and to encourage communication in all sorts of different areas of life - frequently with bizarre and joyous results! Through FACT Fifty I've been privileged to have private exhibition tours with the artists and curators who've talked me though their concepts and how the artworks were constructed. It's a great opportunity to learn and it's always fun and exciting!

What has been your FACT Fifty highlight so far?

Meeting the artist Bernie Lubell who was just unique, and the curatorial tour of Knowledge Lives Everywhere. While we were in the gallery a group of students from one of the schools involved came in, and the expressions on their faces were fantastic. You could sense their commitment and excitement and as an ex-teacher I know how valuable that is. That's what makes FACT special.

Upcoming FACT Fifty events include an exclusive tour of the Kathleen and May schooner and a special curatorial tour of the upcoming Liverpool Biennial 2012 exhibition at FACT.

An annual donation to FACT Fifty is £50.00 or £60.00 for a joint donation, find out more here.