29 August 2012

Author Joan Burnett

Rikki Beadle Blair will be at FACT tomorrow (Thursday, August 30) to introduce his new film Bashment and to take a question and answer session afterwards.

If you have seen his previous films FIT and Kick Off, you'll be ready for some fast-paced action, great lines, brilliant performances from great young actors and a sense that you can overturn injustice if you just fight back!

Bashment tells the story of rapper JJ as he comes up to London from the West Country. He's an outsider in the urban music scene in everyway; white, gay, non-metropolitan. Things are going well until a rival crew take out their prejudices on JJ's partner Orlando.

No one escapes scrutiny in this film - our contemporary attitudes to class, race, disability and sexuality are all explored and turned on their head in some very unexpected ways.

Blair's philosophy is to come right back at you back with wit and style and from his first film Stonewall back in 1995, these qualities have been in evidence in all his work.

His recent films come from devised theatre techniques, and have a raw, live feel. A special mention has to go to his Team Angelica cast: actors who appear in his work time and again, always pushing their performances to the limit, exploring characters that must be counter-intuitive in the extreme at times.

There are some upsetting scenes in this film - violence is not glamourised in Bashment - but I defy you to come out of the cinema without feeling ready to man the barricades!

You can book yout tickets for Bashment online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.