15 August 2012

Young Liverpool Film Night is a very exciting event for FACT's Freehanders and this year is set to be bigger, better and spooookier! This year we decided to take on the theme The Unexpected Guest whivh is the title of Liverpool Biennial 2012. The Freehander's interpreted this theme as an eery title and decided that for the event they wanted to make FACT into a haunted hotel. So, with this all in mind we got to work on this year's sting. We worked with FACT's digital content producer Carl to make a short advert to encourage young people to submit their film(s) to the competition.

The Freehander's came up with the idea that a strange man would knock on the door of an unusual womans door and present a film to her. It was very lucky that Sean had turned up that day wearing a suit! He was definitely going to play the eery character!

We managed to create atmospheric lighting by using some lamps and a coat. We also worked around Catharine Street as the young people wanted to make sure the man was walking on old fashioned cobbles. I hope you like the result! 

Click here to find plenty of information on how to submit your film to Young Liverpool Film Night. Deadline is Tuesday 11 September!