30 August 2012

Although the majority of activity is taking place in Manchester this year, FACT still has a large part to play in the event, which runs across the city until Sunday (September 2).


The recent Humble Market exhibition was a co-production with AND, and at the moment visitors to FACT are able to take part in interactive project Ask a Teenager, by leaving a question in the box located on the ground floor. Inspired by scientific knowledge of teenage brains (they are particularly alive, active and sensitive), a panel of teens will work on problems submitted to them, and give advice through the AND website or during two live performances.


Over in Manchester, FACT has commissioned an exciting new work from artist Jeremy Bailey. Master/Slave Invigilator Software System is described as "a innovative system for augmented identity and distributed presence", and will allow Jeremy to invigilate the entire AND festival from the safety of a protected control cockpit, as 'slaves' conduct tours with screens over their faces allowing real-time interaction with the artist.


Arts website A-N has already described Jeremy's work as a highlight of the festival, and you can read a full interview with him here.


FACT's curator Omar Kholeif is also behind two AND exhibitions: Group show what I have done to (de) serve this? at BLANKSPACE, which examines the on-going global financial crisis; and The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, the latest work in Mark Amerika's collaborative series of transmedia narratives, at the Lionel Dobie Project.


Get over to Manchester this weekend and check it out!