6 August 2012

The AND brochures, or shoud I say newspapers, have landed in FACT packed full of the usual digitally pioneering and slighly odd programming that we have learnt to expect from Abandon Normal Devices. Last year they brought the stroboscopic experience, ZEE to our Gallery 1, life support machines to Art House Square, a UFO encounter to our airwaves and so much more.

So what is jumping out at me so far? Well AND are currently looking for people to submit their problems to their panel of teens who will work on them with their "highly adaptable brains" and will report back during live performances on 1 September. 

The Empire Drive-In will open its doors on Manchester's Hulme Street - a full scale drive-in movie theatre made from wrecked cars created by Brooklyn artists Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark. There will also be film screenings over the festival period, including Robocop and Mad Max II

A fleet of interactive caravans will be roaming across the North West from 10 August, starting in Cumbria and finishing off in Preston forming Mobile Republic: Digital Caravans. Make a visit to experience the Planetary Sculpture Spice Mix Super Computer caravan and the Boarder Bumping caravan. Together, the five caravans, each created by a different artist, look at a world where future technologies can be sustainable and responsive.

This is just a tiny taster of what's to come - check out the full programme online and if you can't wait until 29 August make sure you take The Humble Market: Trade Secrets journey at FACT which is also brought to you by Abandon Normal Devices!