27 July 2012

In 1970, Sixto Rogriguez released his album, Cold Fact, which included Sugarman, a song about his love of drugs. This was the height of his career, and he was earmarked as the next Bob Dylan, but then came the fall... His next release, Coming from Reality, didn't sell well and he was dropped from his record label. 

So what happened next? Rodriguez had to turn to manual labour to make ends meet whilst a copy of Cold Fact was doing the circuits in South Africa and becoming a soundtrack for the anti-apartheid movement. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, the royalites never seemed to make it to his pocket in Detroit. 

Searching for Sugarman, tells the story of how two fans have dedicated their lifes to finding out what happened to the lost rock legend. Urban myths that have done the rounds include his apparent on stage suicide at the end of his final gig, so where exactly is Sixto Rogriguez?

Tickets for Searching for Sugarman can be bought online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.