16 July 2012

tenantspin is FACT's community engagement programme and was the UK's first internet TV channel launched in the late 90s. As part of our current work in North Liverpool with FACT's Healthy Spaces programme we have installed a Digital Wishing Well into the brand new Mere Lane Health Centre in Anfield.

Over a couple of months, tenantspin worked with Breckfield & North Everton Neighbourhood Council as well as residents from the area to collect anonymous wishes and handprints. We visited the wonderful Rotunda College, Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council, BNENC, Maritime Court and Thirlmere Court with Positive Communities worker Charanjeet Birdie.

Artists Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey then used the information we collected to create the Digital Wishing Well. This artwork features a digital display of the donated handprints alongside wishes that included wellness for family and friends, perfect jobs, lotto wins and even the wish to be a superhero!  

The artwork is continuously growing and visitors to Mere Lane Health Centre can donate their own handprints and wishes onsite. You can hear some of the wishes online here, and see some of the handprints here

The work of Alastair and James is also being currently exhibited in the Galleries at FACT as part of The Humble Market: Trade Secrets exhibition.