2 July 2012

Experiencing The Humble Market was eccentric which surprised and topped all expectations. The Carnival Taxi was my personal favourite on the tour; the use of technology allowed great interaction with Brazil itself, and furthermore the shrine activity allowed conversation between other members of the group. - Alex

As we crawled out of the tent and onto turf, we saw blankets spread out wide, one for each of us. In front of these blankets was a large shrine, beautiful and bright, comprising of hundreds of lit candles and skulls. We were given headphones and 3D glasses and as we lay down the most significant questions loomed over us, causing us to talk at great length about them. - Sally 

The final room felt like you were inside a spy-thriller movie as you were asked an array of personal questions by an unknown woman down a pay phone. The questions became more and more strange as the woman began to create an image of what you really are. Once the questions ended, your test results were calculated and given to you. - Milan

The exhibition all in all was greatly enjoyable and also relaxing and I rate it fantastic, I highly recommend it and encourage all to experience it as it really opens your mind and makes you think; I also now have a great interest to visit Brazil as it was presented and made it out to be an exciting and appealing place to live.  - Alex 

The Humble Market: Trade Secrets is open now until the 26 August. Experience it yourself via a free cheoreographed tour avaliable seven days a week. Find out more online via The Humble Market project page