31 July 2012

Nantes is coming to the end of their Estuaire and Le voyage à Nantes festivals and the city is buzzing!

We are visiting the City with Liverpool Community College's Be Involved members Rebecca and Joe and staff member Melanie, ABCC's Kealey and FACT's very own Freehanders Helen and Sean.

We were lucky enough to visit the (top secret) Royal De Luxe workshop and even saw Liverpool's very own Little Girl Giant in storage and Uncle Giant's humungous coat. It was so amazing to see where they work and where the magic happens!

On Sunday we went on the Estuaire boat tour. Over 35 miles we saw many art commissions including a house that looks like it was built too close to the water, a huge pendulum on a mill by Roman Signer and a boat bent over the side of a bridge.

We are in Nantes to explore their arts and culture and environmental explorations. The City will become the European Capital of Green in 2013. On Monday we are meeting Pierre, the Co-director of La Machine (who brought us La Princess in 2008), Jean Blaise, the director of
Voyage a Nantes, Estuaire and the creator of LightNight which started in Paris and has travelled far and wide, including our beloved Liverpool!