20 June 2012

A first for FACT, for this exhibition we have welcomed a theatre company - Zecora Ura and artist Persis-Jade Maravala and Jorge Lopes Ramos to collaborate with Manchester based media artists Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey to create The Humble Market: Trade Secrets

We are excited to open the doors to the show tomorrow where we will invite visitors to embark on a journey. The artists have just one message to introduce the show... 

By 2020 the world will officially be more Brazilian. In preparation for this, The Humble Market has kindly donated an experience that will lay the ground work and help you to research your viability for a more Brazilian world. 

What to expect? Well, we have had a sneak preview of a taxi that takes you on a journey through the Brazilan market place, an astro-turfed gallery space ready for you to lie back and relax as well as Brazilain headresses to get you in the mood!

The Humble Market: Trade Secrets is experienced through chorepgraphed tours only. These will run at regular intervals throughout gallery opening hours and are free. 

The exhibition runs until 26 August and is open 12pm - 6pm Sunday - Friday and 11am - 6pm on Saturday.