14 June 2012

Batman has come a long way from the POWs and BAMs of the original comic strip and TV Series. The next film in the Batman franchise is Christopher Nolan's epic The Dark Knight Rises showing at FACT from 20 July.

Batman is no longer a shiny super hero who can do no wrong and this film introduces us to his darker side. There must be a point when the line is crossed from being a vigilante into something else all together. What should we expect from the film? Well the trailer has a calming soundtrack paired with images of destruction giving an unsettling effect, especially when it warns... "there's a storm coming". The Dark Knight Rises is unravelling to be a different entity from what we are used to from the DC and Marvel films of late - and did I mention a female Robin will be introduced?!

Tickets are avaliable now so you can book to be one of the first to see The Dark Knight at FACT. Like everywhere else in the country, we are unable to have our usual midnight screenings on Christopher Nolan's request that no one in the UK sees the film before cinema goers in the US and I don't know about you but we don't fancy getting up at 5am.