29 June 2012

Matthew McConaughey plays Detective Joe Cooper of the Dallas Police Department, although his law enforcing credentials are pretty dubious as we find out that he is also known to a select few as Killer Joe. This role is about as far removed as you could get from McConaughey's usual rom-com outings but, as The Guardian has pointed out, he has adapted incredibly well. 

Set in the trailer park haven that is Dallas, we meet a family that consists of Ansel, his adult children Chris and Dottie and his girlfriend Sharla. It is a desperate state of affairs full of resentment and poverty. Dottie (played by Juno Temple) has an extreme sleep walking disorder and Chris is becoming increasingly crippled by his debts that he gathered as a failed drug dealer. 

So where can the family go from there? Cue Killer Joe - a contract killer who is very good at murdering people - and the discovery of Sharla's $50,000 life insurance policy. But can the family pay Joe the advance on his fees? Maybe not.. but they have something else he has his eyes on - Dottie.

The film is brutally violent from start to finish, intertwining the twisted family relationships. According to the trailer - "murder never tasted so good".

See Killer Joe on the big screen from today. Tickets can be booked online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.