8 June 2012

Now that the robots have left the building, FACT is getting in the Brazilian spirit ready for theatre network Zecora Ura and artists Jorge Lopes Ramos, Alastair Eilbeck, James Bailey and Persis Jade Maravala to transform our spaces into The Humble Market. This will be the first time that a theatre group have taken up residence in our spaces, so what should we expect? 

Zecora Ura have been based in London since 2001, and Rio de Janerio since 2004 and their performance-based work is less conventional theatre and more theatrical 'experience'. The latest chapter of their performance Hotel Medea is to be shown in London this July and August. Audience members will be invited to The Hayward Gallery at midnight and won't leave until 6am the next day. Previous chapters have included Brazilian dance parties with performers wearing little more than flip flops, and featuring personal interviews and even time in bed - definitely not experiences for the passive observer. 

As well as performances "spattered with blood and tears of regret" (according to The Metro), the company also provide specialised performance training which range from day courses, to week long intensive ones that pull apart conventional ideas of theatre. 

We are looking forward to welcoming Zecora Ura at FACT, there has been talk in the offices of cars, shamans and starry skies but like everyone else, we will have to wait for tours of The Humble Market to commence on the 22 June.