19 June 2012

Our next exhibition at FACT, The Humble Market: Trade Secrets is taking its inspiration from the Brazilian market place and links the host nations of the forthcoming 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. It opens this Friday and runs until 26 August. Embark on a tour of The Humble Market and experience a taxi ride through Brazil, 3D projections and intimate provocations.

Did you know that....

- The official name for Brazil is the Federative Republic of Brazil. Rio de Janerio is not the capital, instead it is Brasilia which was instated as the capital at the end of the Brazilian Empire in 1889 but did not officially  replace Rio until 1960. 

- It recently overtook the UK to become the world's 6th economic superpower. This has caused the country to be labelled a BRIC nation as a rising economic superpower alongside Russia, India and China. 

- Brazil is one of the worlds Megadiverse countries. This is the offical name for countries that are extremely biodiverse and therefore harbour most of the world's species. This is mainly thanks to the vast Amazonian Rainforest being home to 1000 bird species, 3000 fish species and even manatees! 

- It covers a massive 47% of the continent of South America.

- The yearly carnival in Rio de Janerio is the world's largest festival. The event attracts two million people from all over the world onto the city's streets each day. The highlight is the Sambadrome parade which exhibits floats from the 200 Samba schools in the city. 

As well as being the inspiration for out upcoming exhibition, Brazil fever is also spreading onto our ArteFACT wall from July which will host carnival costumes from Liverpool's Brazilica, Samba Carnival and Samba School.