23 May 2012

Originally Iron Sky was scheduled for one showing, and one showing only. Not the choice of us guys at FACT, but instead one by the distributors and a decision made across the UK. But due to popular demand across the country, and our sold out showing at 9pm tonight, Revolver have extended its run (hurrah!) 

If you don't know already, Iron Sky is set in the year 2018. Unbeknown to those on planet Earth, since 1945 the Nazi party have been rebuilding their empire on the dark side of the moon. World domination is on their agenda and global panic spreads like wildfire when the Reich goose-steps into Washington.... 

Iron Sky has had everyone talking, not just because of its mad storyline but because it is one of the first high-profile films to come out of the crowdfunding movement. It has been supported by more than 1000 people from the world of the interwebs and they are actually set to make a profit. You can find out more about this on the Guardian's Film Blog

We have added an extra screening tonight at 6.30pm but they are also further screenings throughout the week. Check out the full schedule and book online here. You can also book via the Box Office at FACT or by calling 0871 902 5737.