9 May 2012

You wait for one outdoor dance party and then two come along at once! Along with Jeremy Bailey's augmented reality dance party on LightNight, we are thrilled to announce another one-off dance event in Ropewalks Square (top of Bold Street) the previous night - on 17 May.

The event runs from 7pm - 10pm starting with two hours of dancing and ending with a rare outdoor screening of Bea Freeman's Back to The Timepiece documentary which shows a Liverpool treasure of recent cultural history - The Timepiece Nightclub, its dances, its clubbers, their styles and their moves.

Local youth dancers from Toxteth's Greenhouse Project and the Black-E will kick things off with the South African Wellington Boot Dance, and then join the general public and some of the original Timepiece night clubbers to get their groove on Ropewalks Square. The 1970s was a golden era of group sequence dancing, of which a set of moves called the 'Electric Slide' remains a firm favourite. Choreographer Glynis Ellison will join the Timepiece clubbers to show all comers how to step the Electric Slide. Participants can share in the memory of one of the hottest Black nightspots in Liverpool, and at the same time bring a bit of vintage culture into the future.  If you like your heritage with big hair, lip gloss and flares, be there!

Artist NIna Edge was commissioned to produce the event by FACT as part of its Golden Opportunity project; a scheme devised by LARC (Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium) that's designed to improve the experience of visiting Liverpool city centre

The event is supported by Ludus Bar, Pidgin Productions and Spainemusico.