21 May 2012

Last week, we introduced Amanda as the next EMARE resident at FACT. She has been commissioned to develop her Time Topographies body of work using Liverpool as her inspiration. The final piece of work will be a video triptych that will be informed by oral stories of immigrants that have come to live in Liverpool.

Through the project, Amanda aims to highlight the importance and long history of the migrant community in Liverpool by embedding participant's memories in relationship with the concept of space, using the landscape as the reconstruction of the individual.

In particular she is looking for the following participants to be interviewed for the project: 

- A Chinese immigrant from Hong Kong who arrived in Liverpool in the last three decades.

- An Irish immigrant who has been living and working in Liverpool for the last decade.

- A Caribbean immigrant who recently arrived in the city.

Amanda would like to carry out a brief interview with participants, preferably in their mother language. Questions would be related to their personal process of adaptation as well as their impressions of the society and culture.