16 April 2012

Demons has been described by Picturehouse's Culture Shock team as "a frenzied slice of gore-heavy shock cinema that gives up on logic and instead assaults the screen with a riot of X-rated violence, face-chewing zombies and pounding heavy metal" - surely the perfect recipe for pre-mid week cinema trip?

Shot in Germany and Rome and directed by third generation Italian filmmaker Lamberto Bava, it follows a group of unsuspecting students who've been invited to a free screening at a recently renovated cinema. They suspect something is not quite right when the mask that they have only just seen in the lobby appears in the film... and something definitely isn't right when the first of the infected transforms into a demon in front of their very eyes. The virus spreads as quickly as the action in the film - which ranges from sword-swinging, motorbike-riding, flaming helicopters bursting through ceilings, and a frantic survival dash across a demon-filled city. All this action is backdropped by soundtrack from Motley Crew and Billy Idol - just to add to the drama. 

The original movie poster promises demons that "will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs". Watch your back when leaving the cinema then, you never know where the next demon might come from....

Demons will be screening on Tuesday 10 April at 9pm. You can book tickets online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.