13 April 2012

We have heard a lot of good things at FACT about Once Upon a Time in Anatolia after it was shown as part of the Discover Tuesday's film series. The whole film takes place over one night and evening on the Anatolian steepe, the plain where Asia meets Iran, Armenia and Turkey. 

State officials are out on the plains with two murder suspects who have promised to lead them to the location of a previously undiscovered body. The search starts in the early evening but soon drags out as the prisoners are unable to return to the scene of the crime in the dark. 

In the dead of night on the Anatolian plains, there is nothing to do but talk and think, and the complex relationships played out form the crux of the film. A variety of topics are discussed such as yoghurt, lamb chops, family, spouses, ex-wives, death, suicide, hierarchy, bureaucracy, ethics, their jobs and even urination. Being in such a sparse environment, with no sleep and a dead body lurking somewhere is going to do strange things to a person's mind and the group do not find respite until dawn. 

The film is by Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan who Time Out describe as, "a master of brooding stories defined by their wry questioning of human nature and often focused on men in crisis" a statement which Once Upon a Time in Anatolia definitely e epitomises . The film won the Grand Prix at Cannes last year, so definitely one not to miss. 

You can buy tickets for Once Upon a Time in Anatolia online, in person at the box office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.