27 April 2012

We first started to sit up and take note of Avengers Assemble when Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury ( the director of fictional peacekeeping agency Shield)  appeared at the end of Iron Man back in 2008. This was added by producer and president of Marvel Studios Kevin Fieg, to test the waters and see if we had an appetite for a new avengers film on the big screen.  The reactions were obviously positive and Fury then went on to appear at the end of The Incredible Hulk as well. Marvel then went on to put the building blocks in place for Avengers Assemble with the production of Thor and Captain America last year.  

Marvel first brought the Avengers to life in the 1963 comic series and a few omissions have been made for the class of 2012. Maria Hill, Protector, Red Hulk to name a few. But there has been some additions as well, so who are the Avengers of 2012? 

Iron Man AKA Tony Stark 

Tony Stark has the impressive combination of being a billionaire playboy as well as a highly skilled engineer. During a kidnapping in which his captors attempted to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction, he instead created a super-powered suit of armour to escape, and so Iron Man was born. 

The Hulk AKA Dr Bruce Banner

The Hulk is the big, muscly and very green alter ego of the usually reserved Dr Bruce Banner. He was formed after Banner was accidently exposed to test detonation of a gamma bomb of his own invention. After that day, he involuntary transforms into the Hulk  which unfortunately for him, means the constant need for a new wardrobe. 


More god-like than man-like, Thor is a Norse battle hero. He battles using everything a Nordic god should - a battle club, horned helmet as well as a good beard.

Captain America

Captain America started life as the frail young man, Steve Rogers, who was enhanced by the US military to the peak of physical perfection with an experimental serum. He is armed with an indestructible shield that he can also use as a weapon. 


Hawkeye doesn't have any superhuman powers but instead is at the peak of human conditioning. He can fence, shoot and even do acrobatics learnt during his childhood at the circus. He has also been trained by Captain America in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately his fetching purple suit does not make it into Avengers Assemble

Black Widow

There have been quite a few different Black Widows in Marvel history with the common theme of being rather beautiful women who you wouldn't want to mess with. In Avengers Assemble, she is a highly trained spy with a special place in her heart for Hawkeye. 

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