24 April 2012

Presented as a commercial from Weyland Industries to promote their work in robotics, the footage starts with the question relevant to our current exhibition, "what is it about robots that makes them so robotic?" At Weyland Industries, it has been their goal to create artificial intelligence almost indistinguishable from man kind itself. Their star product is the newly created android, David 8, played by Michael Fassbender. (Who as an actor has perfected the android trait of shedding tears without even blinking...impressive) 

So what can David do? Well he says that he can do almost anything than could possibly be asked of him. He goes on to say he can assist your employees and make your organisation more efficient. . . All very PC until he elaborates and says that he can carry out directives that his human counterparts might find ... distressing, or unethical. 

Where will David 8 fit into "the search for our beginning" in Prometheus? We've heard that he will take up residence onboard as a butler. Watch the commercial to make your own mind up.

Prometheus will be coming to the big screen in June this year. Unravel its story on the official website, but we warn you, it's addictive!