2 April 2012

Our last Folk Et Al night took place on 5 March and it was swell. I thoroughly enjoyed myself; sipping juice, meeting new people, and learning a wealth of handy hints for selling my wares online. You'll be glad to hear though, that it wasn't just me benefitting from this regular event. There was a whole host of fresh new faces that turned up. From Helen and Becka who are craft fair regulars and Etsy extraordinaires to Dominic who has just set up his shop and is waiting for his first customers to arrive. I wish you could have heard the ladies gasp when Dominic showed us a sample of his work that took him over 10 hours to do! We had Kate and Lindsey (the ladies responsible for Swap Shop) and also Alex who were wanting to set up their online shops selling printed T-shirts and not forgetting Lisa-Marie who shared her Folksy experience with Laura, Tanya and Sarah.

The thing I love most about this kind of free for all is that no matter what their experience, everyone was able to contribute and each one of those contributions helped someone there that night.

If you have a crafty talent and have been thinking about getting online and selling your products, the next Folk et Al will take place in the bar from 6pm this evening, so come say hello!